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Fine Artist based in Tokyo, Japan
1992 Born in Tokyo, Japan

His work responds to his own bi-cultural experience of growing up between Japan and United Kingdom by bringing together aspects of both Eastern and Western aesthetic systems.
When he returned home to Japan, He began working on paintings that referenced his creative roots both in Japan culture and Western culture.
Using Japanese ink, spray paint, oil painting, acrylics and mixed media to transform traditional Japanese paintings in a contemporary style.
While including anonymity through distorted emotions and abstract depictions, a “scene” is framed to not only portray the cosmetic emotions of everyday life, but to pursue the beauty hidden in the essence.
He is influenced by a variety of subjects, including Japanese art from Edo and Meiji eras, French Renaissance painting, post-war contemporary art, and the visual language of global, popular culture as embodied by mass-produced commodities.

KAZUSA MATSUYAMA has focused on the viewer regarding the ‘relationship between the artwork and the viewer’ as the source where pluralistic meanings are created from the illustrated narratives of the works, and thus, as the essence of his pictorial expression. The scenes he composes are of ordinary situations in daily life, but simultaneously dreamlike and fantastical too — and in these scenes are people who appear somewhat vacant, or perhaps utterly captivated by reverie, as their facial expressions illustrate.

The meticulously designed composition, the colors, the motions in the brushstroke, and a sense of déjà vu and nostalgia, accompanied by a distinct uncanniness, a strange ambience — in the artist’s works, all of these aspects are seamlessly harmonized, therefore giving birth to a new world.

Seeking to preserve the universal beauty found in the foundation—the essence—of human nature in the form of artworks, without being influenced by the apparent propensity of a particular time: this is KAZUSA MATSUYAMA, the artist living in the present times.

In today’s society where diversity has become overly complicated, and change, all the more intense, there is no doubt that the actions and artworks of KAZUSA MATSUYAMA, who continue to illustrate the sensations, emotions, and memories inherent in human nature within the context of the ‘relationship between the artwork and the viewer,’ will become the essence and symbol of the time for the future generations and prevail as the essence of ‘universal beauty.’

-Solo Exhibitions-

2017 "和" (Tokyo, Japan)

2020 "TRACES"  (Tokyo, Japan)

2021 "Anonymous" (Tokyo, Japan)

2022 "Daydream" (Tokyo, Japan)

2022 "Escapism" (Tokyo, Japan)

2022 "refllection" (Seoul, South Korea)

2023 "Colored Nostalgia" (Tokyo, Japan)

2023 "While you were away" (NY, USA)

-Art Fairs-

2021 KIAF  SEOUL (Seoul, South Korea)

2022 Art Fair Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

2022 Seattle Art Fair (Seattle, USA)

2022 KIAF SEOUL (Seoul, South Korea)

2023 Art Fair Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

2023 ART CENTRAL (HongKong, China)

2023 ART TAIPEI (Taipei, Taiwan)

-Group Shows-

​2016 PLY Gallery (London,UK)

2019 The Hive gallery and studios (LA,USA)

2019 Jadite Galleries (NY, USA)

​2020 Agora Gallery (NY, USA)

2021 WHY NOT. Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

2022 WHAT CAFE (Tokyo, Japan)

2023 Ginza Collector's Club (Tokyo, Japan)

2023 GINZA 5th ART SELECTION (Tokyo, Japan)

-Event Exhibitions-
2022 Rolls Royce (Tokyo, Japan)

2023 SHIBUYA IN PROGRESS (Tokyo, Japan)

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