Fine Artist based in Tokyo, Japan

Born in Tokyo, Japan


Acrylic paint, Oil paint, Acrylics and Spray paint on clothe and bags, Japanese ink painting

His work responds to his own bi-cultural experience of growing up between Japan and United Kingdom by bringing together aspects of both Eastern and Western aesthetic systems.

When he returned home to Japan, He began working on paintings that referenced his creative roots both in Japan culture and Western culture.

Using Japanese ink, spray paint, oil painting, acrylics and mixed media to transform traditional Japanese paintings in a contemporary style.
He is influenced by a variety of subjects, including Japanese art from Edo and Meiji eras, French Renaissance painting, post-war contemporary art, and the visual language of global, popular culture as embodied by mass-produced commodities.

2017年12月 個展「和」 を表参道で開催後、2019年8月にロサンゼルス、11月にはニューヨークで 作品が展示されるなど国内外に活躍の幅を広げている。

キャンバスのみならずジャケットやバッグなどにカスタムペイントを施すなど媒体は様々で、 繊細な細かいリアリズムを追求したテクニックだけではなく、金箔をあしらった抽象的な作風なものとの コントラストある作品も多く、油絵、アクリル、水墨画などを使ったミックスメディアな作品を 生み出している。

Solo Exhibitions

2017 "和" (Tokyo, Japan)

2020 "TRACES"  (Tokyo, Japan)

Group Shows

​2016 PLY Gallery (London,UK)

2019 The Hive gallery and studios (LA,USA)

2019 Jadite Galleries (NY, USA)

​2020 (London,UK)


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